Recipes for Seasons of Motherhood ❤️

Recipes for Seasons of Motherhood ❤️
Happy Mothers Day Weekend to all you Beautiful Mama's!

I wanted to share a few recipes for different stages of Motherhood.  
As you know Young Living Esssential Oils are Therapeutic & have frequency's.  
So whether you're a new, or have toddler, teenager, adult, empty nester Mom, & even a Gramma there's a blend just for you.  

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Motherhood is such a journey - rife with ups and downs, joys and pains, laughter and tears. It brings out the best (and sometimes the worst) in all of us, and each of us has a story to tell. In honor of the mamas out there, here are some blends inspired by every season of motherhood.

You can use these blends in the diffuser (up to 12 drops for the DewDrop, 20 for the Aria), as roller blends (we usually add 40-60 drops essential oil and carrier of choice in a 10mL roller), or as a DIY spray (about 30 drops for a 2oz glass spray bottle. Add oils, a splash of witch hazel and water)!  Of course you can adjust to your liking.💜

💜 Hopeful Mama 💜

💜 Grieving Mama 💜

💜 Expectant Mama 💜

💜 Newborn Mama 💜

💜 Toddler Mama 💜

💜 Big Kid Mama 💜

💜 Teenager Mama 💜

💜 Empty Nesting Mama 💜

💜 Grandmama 💜
Please reach out to me with any questions, as I love helping & connecting with all of you.

Who's ready for a 
Healthier Clean Living Lifestyle?  

Hugs & Cheers till next time🌱💜

 Anna Adams
Young Living #4363740


Thank you LifeSteps for the great info.
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